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Chess Club Pictures

Here are some images at the chess club.  I took the liberty of adding some captions. You can click on any image to get a larger one and page through them. As I add...


Joplin Chess Club

Meeting Location: Hardee’s, 1641 W 7th St, Joplin Time:  2:00 pm, Sunday afternoons USCF Affliate ID: A6030598 Club primarily consists of casual play among attendants. Game presentations are occasionally given.  Club also hosts USCF...


Joplin Chess Casual Play

Location: Hardee’s, 1641 W 7th St, Joplin Time: 2:00 pm, Sunday afternoons In addition to the Joplin Chess Club affiliate, a group of players get together at Hardee’s on Sunday afternoons. I haven’t had...