Springfield Tournament, November 7th 2009

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  1. Martin Stahl says:

    5 Joplin Chess Club players attended this event. I don’t have the results but as soon as the results are up I’ll post a link.

  2. Tha Dun says:

    The result was wrong. I tied with Joe Brozovich at second place (3 points). I lost only to EDIL KARABIEV. I won the other three games.

  3. Martin Stahl says:

    I thought it was only 3 rounds, which is strange that there is a 4th round listed. And other than the 3 rounds, only two people show playing in the 4th round.

    Don’t understand what that is all about or why it took 2 weeks to get rated.

  4. The Answer says:

    Going down the list:
    Joe suffered a draw and Tha Dun suffered a loss, meaning Joe is in second place.
    Peter Soriano arrived soon after everyone besides me left, we played a rated game, he won his first game against me (the highest rated opponent he beat), which shows his chess progress, I thought I should mark the date of the accomplishment, I expected that decision would not bother anyone.
    Also, every Springfield tournament means I return to Jefferson City to rate the tournament because that is where my internet access is. When I returned to Jefferson City, my father decided both of us would immediately make a day long car drive to settle an estate and other family business several states away.
    My father would not accept a no or a delay.
    No matter what, someone was going to get what they thought they were entitled to and someone was going to be disappointed.
    The good news is people in my family do not die often and my father does not make many demands of me, so I will be able to make Martin Stahl happy for the next several tournaments.

  5. Martin Stahl says:

    Understandable. Just saw unexpected data and it had an unexpected delay to be rated. Things happen and you don’t have to do anything to make me happy.

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