PC Chess Club, A Review

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  1. Team Rybka says:

    pcchessclub.webs.com offers indepth replies and comments to all post/comments. In a democratic structure, both sides opinions are presented, as are opposing viewpoints. Currently SEO (search engine optimization) so as to be googled more; as well as video productions.
    There people will find answers to many questions, as well as “Proof/evidence” of “planning and structure” of what a site should look like when it has a focus on “study/training”.
    I doubt people will read this, so am busy registering pcchessclub.webs.com on many more search engines, as well as any sites I find joplinchess.org linked to/from in search engine request.
    Once the search engines know the site, you can find both side by side as “key word optimization will have pcchessclub pull up “automatic” with any search for “anything” posted on joplinchess.org.
    Joplin Globe will feature online listing for pc chess club; found in events calendar next to joplin chess club listings !
    Everyone will shortly be able to see pcchessclub.webs.com and nobody can edit those “comments”. To quote someone else in respect to ” best to befriend” aspects; I say it will be interesting with local rival club sites side by side on listings for joplin chess clubs. PC Chess club does online videos so is 100% guaranteed to show up in search results for joplin chess or joplinchess.org. It is a guarantee people are seeing pc chess club far more than joplin chess club.
    It will be a way to force the other clubs to “update” all areas, or be seen as 2nd rate/place in choice of where to attend. Certain people are going to wish to God they never “set it off” or started competing with pc chess club for “position”; as we have tons more to offer. Let’s see the videos they put out and what software is featured in those videos. You will see top commercial software with newest updates in pc chess club videos. They will have screen captures of desktop showing proof we own it. People will see it in use. They don’t want low rated (sub 2200 elo) players “opinions” over a choice of Fritz, shredder, hiarcs, junior, rybka 3, etc, etc. No idiot is going to try to compete with those engines or find engines that “trump” that analysis; not successfully !
    You will find all this deleted so it never sees the light of day. I took the liberty of posting this on pcchessclub.webs.com to show everyone what made a rival club so worried they had to hide it from all to see. Now people ask “who is really hiding things and why, let’s just check out each more now, as most like controversy”.
    You will also find pro/con of joplin chess .org (joplinchess.org); along with comments posted by friends, enemies, neutral parties, etc. Soon EVERYBODY will see pcchessclub.webs.com in any search for joplin chess or joplinchess.org ! Code has been embedded (and paid for, to be listed in search engine rankings) to purposely bring that all about.
    Everytime comments get deleted here, they will be reposted in edited form on pcchessclub.webs.com. Let the rivalry begin, as we see what each site shows the world. A Flash site is being built. No doubt with 5 yrs. Flash actionscripting/programming abilities, it will have far more appeal to area players; along with database apps, to bring it to guaranteed 1st place. I first started in marketing/graphic arts design interest areas, and am intimately familiar with indesign, photoshop, premiere, etc. of adobe products !!
    With hundreds of sites and tutorials bookmarked, let’s see the “eyecandy” appeal now. Artistic abilities will pale, considering I have over 5 million clip art, 500,000 photos on dvd’s and online subscription services. Those who try to compete will have to buy the same software in chess or graphic arts design areas… to duplicate the “same exact effects”. In eyecandy appeal… flash can outdo any wordpress site hands down. Deep Rybka 3 can outdo any analysis any free/paid engine can show ! “You get what you pay for”. To see both sides, visit both sites: joplinchess.org, and pcchessclub.webs.com !

  2. Martin Stahl says:

    Actually, I was hoping you would post a comment. No matter what you said I probably would have allowed it through.

    There is nothing better than having commentary straight from the PC Chess Club as both confirmation and counter to my review. It is only my review and others may find that their opinions would be different. Since you finally have a site up I’ll add you to the links and it looks like you have changed your club e-mail so I will edit the clubs page to reflect that.

    I look forward to seeing what you are able to bring to the chess scene in the area and on the web. Hopefully, chess will thrive. Don’t forget, this site is for chess in the area in general and not dedicated to one club or the other. If you have events you want posted then let me know and as I have said many times, if you want to post an article then send it to me.

  3. Martin Stahl says:

    Wow, I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you could be amicable. I have sent you an e-mail at all three addresses I have for you about the libel you posted about me. You would do well to heed my suggestions in that e-mail. I will not tolerate the actions you have taken. At this point I will leave your comment but I have removed the link to your site (yes it is still in the comments) until such time as your libelous posting is removed.

  4. Martin Stahl says:

    Well, there is a new site up and other than what I would consider normal Michael, along with some seriously unfounded threats, everything appears to kosher. No libel, just the “plenty to say about area players” and threatening me with federal lawsuits, ruining my career and my life. I assume he thinks that it was SPAM (or maybe threats) when I sent him take down notices on the libel or as a reply to a whiteboard notice at Hardee’s of putting up new sites and I let him know that any libel posted would be challenged and taken down. Unfortunately for him, that isn’t illegal and what he posted on his original site was.

    However, as long as his site does not post libelous material, he is completely safe from anything but opinions. On that note, his new site is http://pcchess.webs.com and I will link it in the sites area. Maybe he will provide good resources.

    For those reading the review and comments that might still be thinking about the PC Chess Club as an option, take a look over at their site and read a bit. That is the best counter AND confirmation that my review could have, especially the About Us page.

  5. Martin Stahl says:

    It’s pretty funny, I post a link for his site and he still attacks and threatens to ruin my life and career because I defended the libel posted about me.

    Well, I thought I would post a reply to why I haven’t continued the game with him that he talks about on his site.

    1st, the game, which was meant to be a training game when I was playing the stonewall, started on November 1st, 2008. He didn’t make any more moves after December 1st.

    2nd, I only play the stonewall occasionally right now and am focusing on other openings.

    3rd, I just don’t trust him to play fairly and I certainly am not going to play a game with him when his stated goal is to show me up and use that as propaganda. I already know he is a stronger player than me and would likely win. If he wants to play me then he will have to do so at a tournament (or possibly in person).

    He also should stop telling lies about me. Though I hope everyone looking for his club finds this review and reads about what his actions are. That is the worst type of advertising he could have and I don’t think he actually realizes it.

    Any crying I have done over chess, and anything having to do with the mentioned game or PC Chess Club, have been tears of laughter (and I don’t think I have had any of them).

    But I have an open challenge to Michael. Come to a Joplin Chess Club tournament and prove how good you really are. The next one will be some time in November (maybe December), keep a look out for the date and location. Show the local chess community how good you really are. Just don’t forget to get your USCF membership first, since you will have to be a member to play.

  6. Martin Stahl says:

    Well, the PC Chess site got pulled again …. and Michael is blaming me (I only complained about one thing, quickly removed) and his is spamming the site with rants about how he is going to get a lot more sites and post things about local players.

    So, since the site is down and his attitude has not improved (one can wish), I have removed it from the links. Maybe, if he can keep his act clean and not harass people the link can be added back again once he has a new website. I don’t hold out much hope of that and thus anyone interested will have to do a google search to find it when it becomes available. Might end up in a comment here … though I don’t think the comments he posts will see the light of day since he can’t reign in his tangents and I don’t feel like editing out the rants anymore.

  7. Martin Stahl says:

    A new site is up now, though everything is protected by account restrictions. So, since he lies about how many people visit his sites and clubs, since it is protected and thus uncrawlable by search engines I guess it doesn’t matter what gets posted since no one will ever see it, even if there is a link to pages which probably have attacks against me, this site and the Joplin Chess Club.

    It just goes to show what lengths Michael will go to in attempts to attack others and make himself feel important. I really hope that everyone that looks for information about the PC Chess Club will find this review and these comments and see what it will really be like if they ever try to attend. They are up for a plethora of lies/deceptions and outright vehemence towards everyone that he doesn’t like.

  8. Chris H. says:


    I have a complete chess training course from a real IM that was given me many, many years ago. It includes lessons on tactics, openings, endgames, and a very good section on middle game strategy. The only thing you will need is chessbase or some other reader.

    I’m not asking for anything in return. It’s yours if you want it. All I have to do is make a CD copy of it. That offer goes for anyone else in the club. (With the exception of Michael Farren.)

  9. Martin Stahl says:

    Cool, that sounds like it might be a good resource.

  10. Dustin says:

    Thanks for the “review”. I saw TeamRybka listed on chess.com as a local coach. I wish I would have read this about 15 minutes before that…oh well, there is always the block button.

    Anyhow, I am the new chess coach at my school. I would like to improve my game, so that I can help students improve their own game. I would also like to see them more active in the chess community (myself as well). I’m open to any and all suggestions.

  11. Martin Stahl says:

    One of the first suggestions would be to check out the other available clubs in the area to get more involved. I’ll send you an e-mail later (tonight or tomorrow) with some questions and I might be able to offer more specific suggestions.

  12. Dustin says:

    Thank you! Much appreciated.

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