Joplin Summer Open 2009 Update

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  1. Team Rybka says:

    someone made a comment about issues of “timeliness”, lol. You will notice I made a comment about daniel todd vs james smith played 8-22-09 but posted 8-29-09. It would be better if results were posted same day so players could see fresh wins. It also means the game could not have happened 10 months ago. It sounds like other people have issues with timeliness posting results 1 week later. It also means people have issues with “focus/attention to detail”, since the game was not 10 months ago,but was 8-22-09.

    I will say there are games between myself and robert T. that a PC and Rybka say I won the opening in. He made an off color comment that if I beat him he would not play me again. I chose to sandbag and destroy him in openings, then let him win ! As far as looking at books goes; I did only to destroy his openings. I showed proof of it in many games. I never focused on destroying his entire game, only from compassion and kindness for his fragile ego so he would sleep at night and not “cry over spilt milk”.

    If people want to “put up or shut up”, then “bring it”. I welcome any correspondence games from area players. I promise you I will crush robert T. “like a bug”, or as chris H. said “open a can of whoop a** on him ” ! I publicly OPENLY dare robert T. to respond to play me once and for all to be a winner takes all “put up or shut up match of 10 games”. They will all be online so he has PLENTY of time. God forbid he should “cry and whine” about being too old to keep up.

    I will say that I will happily shut him up FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL ! I used to be rival/enemy with a nemesis named Chris H. , but have new respect for him since finding out he did correspondence chess 2100+ elo so has my respect just for facing opponents who may have had a PC/database. I will state for the record “tell edited robert T. to BRING IT, either email moves to [email protected] or let martin post moves online at I promise no sandbagging. I will reveal my true 2400 elo rated/tested ability ! I will destroy ALL ASPECTS of EVERY game with robert T. If he is to mouthy and scared to play let him go home and cry and whine. ROFL He can use any available resource he can beg/borrow/steal/make, etc. to assist him. I will be able to say both sides had time and resources. If he wants to “BRING IT” then let’s go “hardcore” so I can show you why “Team Rybka” has “Deep Rybka 3” on our side. I will put our deep rybka 3 against any program that edited robert T. wants to bring to this match. It can be me vs him or my deep rybka 3 vs his “whatever”. I will CRUSH HIM LIKE A BUG !!!!!! Given time to think and study the position; I will destroy him on the board from opening to especially the endgame ! He needs to grow up and “get over it”, as PC and databases are a fact of modern correspondence games.

    It will show “once and for all” who is the better player, who works with more resources,etc,etc. America is a free country and if you got money the internet has stuff to buy ! I will be glad for him to come to hardees sometime(provided there is no fist fight as that could post pone upcoming test/finals depending when dates he showed up, at least theoretically).

    I know area players hate me big time, so tell “gutless coward/straight up edited” I said “BRING IT”, let’s SEE WHAT YOU GOT edited” robert T. I will crush like a bug on that d*** chess board… with a PASSION, make it MY MISSION IN LIFE… TAKE HIS edited ___ DOWNNNNNNNNN, once and for all in a public chess “demo” ! If he has any guts “put up or shut up”.

    I can do it but only online, so he can’t cry and whine later that he needed more “thinking time”. I will be able to annotate the games and show you all his MANY mistakes he will make. Frankly, I’m sick of robert T’s. mouth, talking behind my back (as usual for a edited). He thinks I never “sandbagged” then play me , “BRING IT edited“. edited He will face my full strength and full WRATH on the chess board. Go ask chris H. just how well I was prepared in games with him when I was “spot on/ dead on the money in opening prep”. He used to say I was ” one hell of a well prepared player.. when he works at it, if he played the whole game like he plays the opening, he would win a lot of tournaments”.

    I will show you why I am the strongest player in this area and AM 2400 elo tested/rated for serious play. I have never seen ANY player do a solitaire test and score 2400-2450 as I do almost daily ! Let edited robert T. prove his skill/chess knowledge by taking a test and show us all what he knows. He can’t,never could,never will…period ! Online I can comment his games in this match and nobody gets arrested, neither side. Deep seated hatred/rivals, means online match is best. I will beat him by a huge margin on all aspects (opening/middlegame/endgame/strategy/tactics,etc.) ! ! Even if he uses a PC, I will lay odds deep rybka 3 will still “crush him like a bug”… PERIOD ! I’m focused on training for the world open not “breaking mentally” a edited named robert T.; but welcome him to play the GM’s at world open/chicago open/us open “open section”. You people see his resources and “GUTS”. I face Deep Rybka 3 DAILY and usually lose, get pissed, regroup, study, play AGAIN ! DAILY facing 3200 elo competition from deep rybka 3, DAILY people, D A I L Y, dailyyyyyyyyyyy ! THAT… shows guts, and determination to NEVER give up ! That is why GM’s complemented my “fighting spirit”, and said I will be a GM if I train for it. That along with many tests at 2400-2450 elo say I am the strongest player for my area. Beating these local guys proves nothing, along with screwing up a chance of a 2300 provisional 5 game debut rating. The uscf said it requires higher rated players.

    Let us see people play deep rybka 3 FULL STRENGTH daily, and not be depressed. You ask who I face ? Try a 3200 elo rated opponent… 24/7, that I PROMISE you… will have NO mercy and NEVER miss a trick… PERIOD ! Try facing deep rybka 3 daily, then see what I go through daily ! Some people need a “guts check”, and some respect.

    For the record, I can beat fritz 11 at 2300 elo setting score in matches fritz 11 vs michael 2300 elo setting 2-2-6 (2 wins/2 draws/ 6 losses) I won 6 and lost 2 games (oh well )
    At 2800 elo 10 game match G/30 I score 2 draws 8 losses ! Fritz 11 8-2-0

    Laugh all you want people but it takes guts to play these engines daily. At 2400 setting the score Fritz 11 vs Michael is 1-9-0 Fritz taking the only win. I don’t know what true strength I face in a G/30 against fritz 11 but I say I did pretty DAMN good, all things considered to score 9 (nine) draws seeing how it had 30 mins for all it’s moves.

    I have yet to beat deep rybka 3, but… will NEVER give up trying. I have got a few draws giving time odds of rybka 30 seconds vs me 30 minutes; despite using stalemate tactics and taking 80 moves to draw, yet within the 50 move rule. On full strength G/10 I last about 30 moves till it checkmates me. In G/30 I last like 20 moves until it “crushes me like a bug” LOL. My point ? Keep trying ! If you get serious about high ratings, work out with engines as trainers, and then face GM’s as I was told to do… by GM’s ! Learn all you can about draw/stalemate first. You may not win, but a draw with a GM can help your provisional rating. Good luck to you all, wish me luck facing ruthless money hungry GM’s at the world open/chicago open and U.S. Open, as it will be my toughest test yet, and NO players can prepare me for the GM’s I will face or the ruthless/savage beating they will try to put on the chess board. Like a samurai warrior 24/7 I focus and prepare for that GM debut. Say/think what you will, but I am the only player with the time and $$$ money invested to stand a prayer of winning some games. I’m not stupid enough to say as of today right this second I can beat those GM’s but when I do go, I damn sure will be ready, or will not waste a trip ! I can draw against one 2550 at most but only in correspondence or thematic set openings or 40/2,20/1,G/30 10second increment That is a far cry from facing 2650 avg tournament circuit GM’s in G/90. I am at least making headway.

    Truth to be told I don’t have the money to travel to face a lot of GM’s right now after provisionals, as all money goes for training software, dvd,cd, books,subscriptions to NIC new in chess yearbook/magazine, chessbase magazine/extra, informants,etc,etc. so I can upgrade my skills for my GM debut when I score that high provisional rating. Nobody else found the winning plan (evidence of low ratings U2000) so the GM’s gave me great advice. They said go face GM, IM first then do a few occassional “fun” low rated tournaments after the rating is permanent, and no loss or draw can affect it much. They said do exhibition simul and if you lose, no big deal. They also said if I win against local players it means nothing if I’m 2300-2400 elo but could hurt my career if I lost. They said focus on big fish (GM) ignore “minnows”(U2000) ! Good luck to you all. We are on different paths and I have to be focused and vicious and ruthless just to survive national tournaments against GM’s. Some say it is comparing training for the olympics vs redneck hillbilly track team, or the NFL vs middle school football team. I don’t care what people say/think, they aren’t helping my chess career, nor do they have aclue how to face a GM in national events if that GM is 2650 elo. Facing these local guys will be entirely different “horse of another color” “totally different styles/criteria for facing a GM”. GM’s play nothing like local “club” players. It requires a new “mind set”.

  2. Martin Stahl says:

    First, let me say, that I edited your reply …. it is way too long (though I haven’t edited if for length) and goes way too off the topic that it isn’t funny. Also, you calling people punks is both uncalled for and gone. If you can’t keep it clean then you can keep it to your site and then have it pulled for that.

    Sorry if you don’t like that but if you want to pump your club you already have your own site and I have already told you that if you want to write an article to have on this site you can and I will post it. Though if it needs edited I will edit it and return for your approval (I won’t accept attacking other players for example).

    As to my timeliness, it has never been in question. I had the link up to the USCF crosstable the morning it was posted, in the comments on the tournament itself. I ended up being busier than I expected at work and didn’t end do a results write up until the following weekend. Later than what I wanted but the results were available and ready for those are smart enough to look for them.

    And again, the game you reference on 8-22-09 was between Jacob and Daniel not James and Daniel so the 10 months ago, for the Carthage Open in November 2008, was accurate for a game against James and Daniel.

    On my comment on who you never beat, it isn’t one of the Joplin Chess Club players, though it is someone that plays in some of the tournaments. It is awfully convenient that any time you lose you claim that you did it on purpose or that you were sandbagging. You know why it is convenient? Because you are lying, plain and simple. While you may have done it occasionally, it isn’t your normal mode and your losses are purely your losses. Though, I guess it does make you feel better to say you did it on purpose.

    A couple of last notes, if you truly were as high rated as you claim then playing club players, U2000 rated players, you would win almost all of your games. While playing lower rated players may not improve your playing strength much it doesn’t change the fact that a high rated player will not lose in these circumstances, except rarely. The problem is that you are not that high rated, really, and you know you would lose a lot more than a 2400 rated player would.

    Finally, in correspondence chess you are only allowed to use a PC for referencing databases or books. You can not use an engine to help, nothing that suggests moves in the position. If you find a database game, or set of games with the same position you can use the historical results but not an engine. Not allowed and if you are in a tournament and get found out you will forfeit all your games.

    But, as I said, I don’t trust you would play correspondence fairly and would probably use your engines, especially when you start losing. I don’t think others trust you either, especially based on your actions and your words. I’ll be working on a open, unrated tournament some time next year (most likely) and though I can’t guarantee who will show up you can play and maybe some of the local players will come by and you can prove yourself to them. Or, since you are a 2400 level player you should have no problem winning 5 or 6 simul games against club players, maybe we could set something like that up.

  3. Team Rybka says:

    News flash for clueless or misinformed or just uninformed people. I found proof and evidence of computers being allowed in human tournaments. Paste this in the browser and see I know what I am talking about. There are also federations who allow a PC engine and databases in correspondence chess. It is common practice to set up 2 computers for online games. One PC is unhooked from the internet and runs engines. The other shows online software that no engine is on THAT PC. Technically in court it can be argued that the PC used to transmit the moves and hooked to the internet had/has no chess software. The fine print says you can not use a PC hooked to the internet with chess software engines on it. It was also argued before FIDE with super GM’s saying engine prep ruins openings and makes modern chess more of a memory contest. It allows one to map out huge opening advantages.

    It allows you to have the PC show how to exploit every weak move or blunder. Don’t be so stupid as to think super GM’s with careers ($$$$$$$) on the line just “wing it”. Anand is one of the biggest advocates of PC prep and stated openly for chessbase he uses a n engine to generate lines, but only for “time/schedule” reasons. I would love to see if any area players could beat a 2700+ elo FIDE rating player; even if said super GM’s used no PC. Magnus carlsen uses deep rybka 3 daily and gets a draw daily (he says). None the less, google chessbase and “advanced chess” for the story. I will remind certain area players to note KASPAROV (the highest rated FIDE player EVER) was big on using engines and played topalov in a match where both had engines back in 1998 !!

    Can any of you beat anand or kasparov ? I will remind you all kasparov said he encouraged ALL opponenmts to try to outdo his memory or use “home preparation” to defeat him. NO ONE ever could. His retirement was shrouded in scandal for those of us insiders within the chess industry. Why ? We heard through the “chess grapevine” several years earlier before the kramnik match; that Garry wanted out and to help russia in politics. Several controversial videos surfaced then MYSTERIOUSLY disappeared, regarding his facial expressions when asked if he sandbagged games so his long time student and protege of 15 yrs could pass on the torch. Some journalist were MYSTERIOUSLY imprisoned/committed suicide( allegedly shot themselves in the back of the head 6 x’s)/hit and run/house fire/stabbed by home invasion suspect with 12 witnesses in daylight yet… no suspect ever caught along with all 12 (twelve) witnesses being interrogated by “alleged KGB” or some have said “russian mob” then all 12 had “suddden onset” of “MA (mystery amnesia) flu” aka “MA flu”. They all regained all memory ability, but to this day SWEAR no threats by KGB agents or russian mob ever “influenced” their memory, despite a few being put in soviet gulag (prison) or mental hospital sentenced to a term called “indefinately”. The russian Govt. said they call what they use the “Reeducation camps/social reform policy” for purposes of “settling social unrest”.

    Go here for anand and kasparov proof and comments.

    It has been said some super GM’s moves are found on a PC but only that it shows they play strong moves OTB tournaments. People say the GM’s moves show engine help. I ask you all the ethical question of how is it not cheating to use books, databases, engines, dvd,cd, articles, opinions, home prep, etc. along with playing tons of practice games or developing a repetoire to be expert on any opening? Is it a fair match up facing those people who also use a PC for endgame/tablebase drills and training as the tablebases show with perfect play BOTH SIDES some positions are dead draw? Doesn’t that allow them to steer the game into positions that favor their side? Some are in favor of chess 960 random starts to eliminate “home preparation”.

    In closing, I will say a chessmaster Bart G. stood almost teary eyed in his living room saying using the PC has permanently changed chess/ruined it, from the chess of his era 1970. He felt modern chess deteriated into contest of memory/who spends more money on software/ who runs the PC more longer for deeper analysis,etc. He said he will tell any members of joplin chess club that it gives an unfair advantage. He said there is no point in playing if the PC maps out your game and all you do is let it do your thinking along with use flash cards and notes. He said chess was/used to be about battle of ideas to be solved OTB, not a team of seconds running Quad-core or even 24 processors systems and sponsors and corporations,etc,etc. He said if the PC shows all the ideas, how can you say YOU won. Bart G. compared it to having a note card with exam answers. He said even if you memorize the sheet/card and walk in, somebody had an advantage… of not having to study/learn.

    It can be said if tablebases are used on adjourned games and best play shows a draw, why play it out. Why not rest for the next round? Some GM’s have argued the public does not know the PC work involved so should SHUT UP about “short GM draws” ! They say the PC found the positions drawn “with best play”, so why risk a loss or why play on if the best that can be had is a draw, or that it has been played to death/had extensive analysis,etc.

    I favor advanced chess and spending more money for success. I feel it should go to those who have more money and time for chess ! Learn to live with it people, as the PC will play out thousands of games from any position against itself finding winning ideas, then sorting them into patterns for you. If 99% of wins involve idea “X”, then it is a fact “the majority of wins come from using idea X”. It makes more sense to adapt modern methods.

    Why spend tons of money to play local players and get a low rating, when it makes more sense (if trying to get a higher rating) to spend the same amount of money for software/books/subsriptions to new in chess magazine and yearbook,chessbase magazine and extra, informants,various other periodicals; and same amount of time for tournaments to instead play tournament rated games on a PC where you hand pick various opponents(settings) to challenge yourself ?

    It has been proven if you face the same players , the uscf said you get “inflated” ratings. You face people who don’t play set lines and don’t know “best play” so you live in a fantasy world thinking your something when your not ( Rocky movie paraphrase from rocky 3,4 Three and four for retards who misread it). You wake up one day with regrets and missing years. You could have tested ypourself and at least it would have been real. You play those same players who now studied same position and get a different result. I feel it fair to play surprises later on when facing tougher opponents, as they need to take responsibility for their chess career, not complain and whine about low ratings. You can play online and work up to GM correspondece play. I’m sure area players could afford ICC membership and PROVE theirself.

    My day will come facing GM’s, so don’t judge/criticize my methods for getting there. Bottom line is; A. I spend more money so have more to train/study with as you can’t use what you can’t get a hold of, B. Put more hrs per week in chess 60 hrs minimum, C. Am after a GM title and willing to face GM’s to take it. I started a site as a help to all players on a global scale, to get higher rated. I will post stuff on so everyone can have access and train more. If I was Dr. evil (kanye west song heartless) I would hoard expensive secrets, not offer them up; or I would make a pay per view type website charging high prices.

    Bobby Fischer once said you need a “killer mindset” to face the strongest GM’s. He detested all opponents at the board. Off the board some of my opponents are nice people and I wish them well… in competition standing between me and my GM norms/title/rating 2600+ elo FIDE… they are regarded as piece of meat/slackers (work ethic/sacrifices) and kill them all let God sort’em out mentality , die, die, die, kill them ( in a chess game sense only LOL) by any means possible and alls fair in love and war. If it means using a PC to win so be it. Advanced chess gives both sides a PC but argues that when several move choices come up dead even in assesment, then your skill or style shows through; as you must decide how to play it out. Some say cheating is team chess, where the team with stronger players wins more games. Some say “foul” as the strong player has to “carry” the losses from weaker players, while others say assemble the strongest team ! GM’s have historically played “consultation” games against several NM and IM’s.

    It will be fair for this “advanced chess open challenge” for people to not cry/whine, just spend more money or use what you got ! I hope you people do use a PC, BRING IT !! There is a world computer chess tournament where people of my “mindset” gladly take you up on the offer to “BRING IT” ! Both sides still have time controls, and have to choose from the list of moves, so it is humans still choosing final path. You can have an engine say a move is high rated now, then 6 moves later be a let down. I have chosen moves that were lower on the list but later in deeper analysis, found to improve the position. Anybody got guts enough to play me… BRING IT ! Then I can’t say I wasn’t ready. On a side note people, You still need to know how to tweak settings and build an opening book which means telling it the search patterns/values to prioritize. Team Rybka gladly says to all of you… BRING IT !!

    I will focus on taking my advice from GM’s over 2700 elo, so I ask this of you. Can you say you know more and can beat a GM 2700+elo FIDE rated, so therefore should be giving out advice people, That I should take advice from all you people instead of the coaching I get from the GM’s 2700+ elo FIDE rated ????????

  4. Martin Stahl says:

    First I’m going to give a minor reply but after that keep the topic to the Summer Open directly or the comment won’t be approved … this isn’t the place for this discussion.

    OK. I never said that PCs could not be part of a tournament or that they couldn’t play in one. I said that in correspondence chess the use of computer engines is not allowed. That is generally a true statement, though I should have said usually not allowed. If a computer is playing in a tournament then all advertisements for the tournament has to include that fact. I would imagine there are also some correspondence tournaments that also allow it, though I would almost guarantee they are in the minority and I don’t really see the point except in tournament preparation.

    Finally, advice is freely given and freely ignored. The only thing I say is that if you claim something, such as a high rating, then be prepared for no one to believe you without irrefutable proof (and saying you took rating tests isn’t that). I can claim that I bench 500 lbs and no one in their right mind would believe me. I could claim a lot of different things, such as I sandbag every game I lose …. You get the point?

    That is the last off topic thing I will allow here. Please keep if on topic and minimize the tangents from here on out.

  5. Martin Stahl says:

    Dan posted up a small blurb about the Summer Open on including his games from that day for anyone that is interested.

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