Endgame Study August 28th, 2009

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  1. Team Rybka says:

    Check out Bd6 as a reply to an ongoing game at pcchess.webs.com, people. See each site and vote,comment games.
    In the game 13 years ago michael was toying with martin and had 12 forced wins !
    Here you will see the game as it happens, annotated. It will be curious to see each side annotate this game. 1000 vs 2400 rated ! Humorous watching james smith lose to daniel todd. It is another example of how study pays off, as daniel uses a database more than james.

  2. Martin Stahl says:

    In the game posted, Michael. you just played that badly, as did I. Claim as much as you want to the contrary but I’m not the only one that played you and your comments that you played under your ability or were sandbagging is completely made up. I personally know one person you never beat, even with looking at your books.

    Out of the three games I have notated with you from that time, 1 was a draw and 2 were won by you, though the one I posted above should have been a draw at the end. As to that training game, you’ll wait for eternity for it to ever be completed. As I commented before, I don’t trust you and I don’t trust that you would play fairly even if I thought I could beat you at your strength, which isn’t anywhere near 2400 (that would make you the strongest player in Missouri and I guarantee that you are nowhere close … that is the real reason you don’t have a USCF membership and have a real rating). Fear has nothing to do with it. Though, you could prove all naysayers wrong by going to the Okie Chess Festival in Tulsa this weekend, play in the Open and win. Though, you won’t, because you can’t.

    And what is funny is that you comment about a game between James and Daniel that took place 10 months ago. Showing your normal timeliness.

  3. Martin Stahl says:

    I also thought I would point out that going to an Open with at least one highly rated player would be all it would take to get a high initial (first 4 games) provisional rating. Take this local tournament. Look at the #1 player. He didn’t play the highest rated player or the the 2nd place player that did win against the highest rated player and he ended up with a provisional rating of 2086.

    So, you just need to hit a tournament that has a couple of really high rated players; IM, GM, or NM. If you can do well in that, say win all your games, you can get a high initial rating and qualify for the higher sections at other tournaments. With a supposed rating of 2400-2500 (as claimed) it wouldn’t be that hard to walk away with one of the top prizes in the open and get a high rating. But claiming is easy, doing is hard.

  4. Team Rybka says:

    It is funny watching people miss clues, as they miss clues in games, hence a draw instead of a win. I would like people to notice a better change to joplinchess.org and new changes. It is funny people say I comment a game of 10 months ago. Notice the details folks. You will see 8-22-09 a game between daniel and james, yes 2009 AUGUST ! WOW, must be a time machine or an oversight. lol It would be better to see actual events posted instead of a blank calendar.
    I will be posting pictures of some of my library as proof of what I have. You will see books from the 5 yrs. of web design I had. You can see actual photos !
    It would be better to have similar items as pcchess.webs.com has. Perhaps we will see a blog,forums,photo gallery,videos,FAQ,Guestbook,calendar with hyperlinksof events other than tournaments,interactive games with “multi-engine and multi-variation” analysis, seperate links page,site/intro map,etc. You will notice joplinchess.org has a long way to go. You will find to drive numbers up to 2800 like the visitor count for pcchess.webs.com, you need a reason for people to return. You find if you get video tutorials and games with analysis you can click through… more people return. You find a lot offered and more attendance.
    Check out shredderchess.com “freezer” program purchased by pcchess.webs.com 2009. It can do customized “tablebases”. You will find by having chessbase mega 10 and chess assistant mega 10; you get 21 DVD on endgame “tablebases”. The advantage of ownership is the “tablebases” work with various databases to allow analysis of 12 piece endings (6 pieces per side). You can have the engine see way ahead instead of going to chessok.com and only be able to put 3 men per side even game or 6 piece total. Think of the competetive advantage in correspondance chess being able to do 12 (twelve) piece endings ! The “FREEZER” program uses all tablebases on your hard drive to assess the ending and build a custom tablebase. It will display all legal moves or select moves you program into the search pattern, and do a summary ! It displays all available moves you allowed it to search, as a simple draw or “convert to win” in “X” amount of moves. You can speed read the list and see which ones are wins.
    This saves huge amounts of time. Instead of old fashioned lists, you can see which moves are wins, disregarding draws. It is a must have for serious players. It allows you to check theory in articles/books/websites/dvd/cd,etc. No need to do analysis, just confirm if a position is a win vs draw ! SOOOOO much fasterrrrrrrrr ! You can have it “FREEZER” exclude specific squares or move combos; or search all possible moves, meaning every square on the board. You people must see the FREEZER pages on shredderchess.com and the video demo ! You will wonder how you lived without it.
    I will be using it and those 21 endgame dvd (tablebases); along with multiple commercial engine analysis ! I will put up chessbase and chess assistant and rybka aquarium for you players to use benefit of.
    Perhaps if joplinchess.org adds a lot of software, they can offer you more. At pcchess.webs.com you will see video tutorials and FREEZER along with the 21 dvds of tablebases with articles from pandolfini endgame course, rueben fine basic chess endings, comprehensive chess endings, encyclopedia of chess endings. You will see the endings rotated out for new ones. It drives up attendance ! You click through the game positions. We also use pgn viewers as does joplinchess.org. You can search pgn viewers and find tons ! It is more than having a way to click through games, to drive up visitor counts. You also need to invest a lot of money in software,books,dvd,cd, and update services, as pcchess.webs.com does ! We do encourage joplinchess.org to keep adding pages to their site. It makes it easier to find stuff and also seperates it from others. I will say the springfield chess site sucks but the club has higher rated players than joplin. As sites go, springfield dead last, then joplin chess.org 1 out of 5 passed pawns as it lacks tons of stuff and additional pages ! pcchess.webs.com gets 3 out of 5 passed pawns for design/layout/expansion planning ; but down in points until the site is completed then a 5 of 5 passed pawns ! ! Stay tuned to pcchess.webs.com as the developer is in college and education takes priority over chess ! pcchess.webs.com will finish the pages but not in one day. The most important thing is having resources and at least a thousand dollars more software added soon, plus renewal service for chessbase magazine/extra, NIC new in chess yearbook/magazine, etc ! We will be adding new books/dvd/cd’s soon. Rest assured you will find resources $$$ available at pcchess.webs.com Let’s see what changes occur on joplinchess.org. Maybe they were sleep deprived commenting that 8-22-09 was a 10 month old game and timeliness was an issue. It appears 8-22-09 was the latest most recent tournament game of daniel todd vs james smith. Notice that martin posted the result on joplinchess.org and as in chess was “not focused on details” so missed aka missed it aka BLUNDER . I want to say if he was focused, he would see more on the chess board and on his site !
    I will do tournaments when finishing touches are done. See pcchess.webs.com for details and why you should wait for a rating, but encourage extensive testing. I will reply that martin cannot beat me now as I have many more resources/skills/abilities now 13 yrs later ( no brainer there). I am training to do the world open just so people can shut up about it, along with us open and chicago open. There is my “proving ground”. I will be able to debut with a FIDE rating ! Thank you ! ! USCF suggested those as they know best which tournaments to seek GM debut ratings in. Several actual GM’s also said blow off all area tournaments and focus on those I listed, as those feature GM’s and even a draw will bring one closer to a 2400 uscf rating in provisionals. ( Another no brainer). The GM’s said it is stupid to invest several thousand dollars and several more just for tournaments martin suggested. LOL I think I will have to go with advice from the USCF administrators and a dozen actual GM’s who said do the tournaments I listed. The GM’s said I will score at least 2300 elo if I work hard for my “rating debut”. I will say it makes more sense to keep testing. The GM’s said review your solitaire tests and drill/study/train those aspects. They said use the openings I test higher on as a repetoire base. They said forget the openings you score low on, as the GM IM or even NM I face at national opens will have no mercy aka… “put the odds in your favor”. The GM’s said continue testing and playing engines with various settings “if serious about getting a 2400 elo rating”. You find this copied on pcchess.webs.com as a way joplinchess.org does not erase/delete it. Good luck people !

  5. Martin Stahl says:

    What is funny is that you can’t read a crosstable. Daniel and James did not play at the last tournament. I was there, I ran it, I put in the results. The last time they met in tournament play was at the Carthage Open in 2008. Daniel played Jacob Smith, not James this time around.

    As to your library of books, it means absolutely nothing. I can post up pictures of a lot of different stuff. It doesn’t prove anything. Just like all your other claims, having a bunch of books doesn’t prove you are good at anything. You sure can show a lot of books but no actual skills to go along with it.

    I hope you do run tournaments, though without becoming a USCF member you won’t be able to be the TD and get them rated. As to your tournament plans, the Okie Chess Festival might actually be FIDE rated, though it doesn’t actually say that. Though, it is cheaper if you are FIDE rated.

    So, how do you like your blunder?

    Also, while I run the Joplin Chess Club tournaments, this site is not just for the Joplin Chess Club. It is for all chess in the area.

  6. Martin Stahl says:

    Oh, on the calendar note, it is empty since there are no local tournaments scheduled, other than the Okie Chess Festival and I decided not to put that up here. At this point, the calendar is only for tournaments, though if I find there are other events worth posting, I will change it up and add those events also.

  7. Team Rybka says:

    I do stand corrected on the daniel vs james 8-22-09 tournament, as I assumed a small turn out, hence possibility of each playing the other. People, I must say, after checking the uscf crosstable, martin was correct in stating they did not play each other. None the less it is a good sign that daniel scored higher than james as Bart Gibbons so long ago predicted (which I must say came true), that bart said james was getting lazy, needs to study and will be passed by hungry players who study/train more. I’m proud of one area player named daniel todd though I only met him 2-3x’s at Bart G. house. He said he had an MCO that was marked up and dog-eared from constant use, and he used a database. It has proven he scored better than james.

    I also base it on james S> vs himself ! I compare rating progress, or plateau ! Good luck to daniel T. I wish him well and feel he is probably around 1850 elo on best days. I can see him getting NM title oneday. I see James S. stuck at 1700 about eternally/forever !LOL

    I will say showing books and other resources shows proof of resources. I’m not going to argue here or on my own site over debates over “proof”, as my speech and debate teacher (national finalist) and philosophy professors both have masters and said not to waste my time. They said you first have to aquire resources to use them. I agree it doesn’t prove level of knowledge, but does show who can study/learn more. An example would be if someone had a 1st edition eco D and you ask them what was in 2nd, 3rd, 4th editions. They can’t tell you without getting access. Crystal ball doesn’t count, nor does live psychic ! It means the one with more tools has more options. If you have raw games only, you will miss details. The one who has chessbase mega 80,000 plus the informant 100,000 annotated games; can say “look what this/these GM say about it.” That person can sit down and have many GM’s explain with notes/text,etc. and show you their opinions the whys wherefores,etc. the “behind the scenes planning”, the reasons behind the moves. You will learn much more that way, say the GM’s.

    Look for comparisons on pcchess.webs.com soon. You will find reprint annotated games with clickable games (pgn-viewers) comparing raw vs annotated. I will post informant/chesbase magazine/new in chess yearbook and magazine games soon. I might also add chess life gets more response with monthly columns with annotated games with text comments as well. Several GM’s do this each month. Fritz 11 will annotate games in plain english if you adjust the settings. Google it. Chessmaster will also “auto-annotate” and speak out loud the notes. Look for this and more coming soon on pcchess.webs.com . Right now focus is on doing the new sites and finishing pcchess.webs.com; along with school as a priority ! I am focused on grad school.

    Good luck to you players who make study/training a priority. I ask you what good would it do Bart G. a chessmaster in kc mo. (was) to play 1600 level rated players as prep for a national event. He told me it brought down his game , he slacked off training. He felt a PC was best to do serious training and to adjust specific settings for matches to mimic opponents or prep for specific players, as humans will not play exactly what you tell them. Bart G. said the PC can mimc personality/styles. He said it can also be a way to practice for stronger opponents/higher sections. He said it will not miss tactics as a human does. Chessmaster has about 200 opponents to choose from, and a rating level to match. You can have it play any color and start position. Several engines do this. Chess position trainer is good to drill with.

    I will be posting (soon) some tutorials on chessbase and chess assistant use of training drill features. Chess assistant and chessbase both allow you to set timers, limit the number of trys, set hints, add video, add audio per question. You can set it to play a video clip you insert as the question comes up. You can also add colored sq. arrows, x, circles,text on board itself,etc,etc. You will have to see to believe. I will show all the features of several databases and feel free to watch/pause often. I will say You will learn a lot. The tutorials will show how to make training videos with interactive boards. chess position trainer cannot do what several commercial database software can do.

    We will cover a lot people. As you get money little by little add more. I will walk you through the tutorials/help files. I will show indepth workshops for each software. You will have access to the videos on you tube, and the tutorials will be up soon. I will put some test videos up also. You pause the video and pick the answer, then play more video. The tutorials and test mode require use of each program. I am working out a way to do it in flash and make it clickable but too busy to implement each week. Easier and faster to link video clips. Make short clips then hyperlink choices. That way you can branch out. You can also make pgn-viewers to start at FEN positions various starts. Line them up in a row and hyperlink. each choice starts a new pgn-viewer.

    You just put it on a page and add a hyperlink for move choices. It can be done using show/hide in J script or make visible command in flash actionscript. I personally don’t feel like fooling with it when I have several choices that will work for now.

  8. Martin Stahl says:

    Yes, you are correct and having the ability to access resources is a very good thing, I never claimed it wasn’t. I only said it doesn’t prove anything and doesn’t even show that you can actually utilize those resources, with any success. Having tools is great, knowing how to use them is better but being able to prove you know how by showing the results of this access is best.

    Kind of like having access to a school and professors. The proof is in the end results; the degree, GPA (somewhat) and the job you can land with said degree. If you never make it to the job it shows you can’t apply all the resources you had access to.

    Again, I look forward to what you can offer the chess community. If it can stay away from attacking people then I welcome it.

  9. Jesse Runions says:

    Gentlemen, if somewhat belatedly (given I am commenting over a year after post), I find your interchange of ideas interesting. I am an old fashioned player of Chess, antiquated and “ignorant” by your standards. Chess is the first manifestation of the study of the art of war, and thus it is an art unto itself. Probably, in ignorance, I have a disdain for the “scientific” dissemination of a match.

    To me, it is a world of 64 squares, in which victory is achieved by seeking the initiative to exert control over the majority of the board. This is accomplished by applying continual pressure to get inside the opponent’s decision cycle forcing him or her to react to my moves (instead of the inverse). Subsequently, this is achieved through ascertaining my opponent’s intentions by the use of their capabilities.

    While I agree, that study of various Masters and their moves is insightful. I also suggest study of the broader applications of strategy that have occurred on the field of battle, as opposed to the field of the board. For example, the Battle of Cowpens, Patton’s drive to the relief of Bastogne, Napolean’s Waterloo. While the instruments and topography of war and chess differ, the strategy and tactics remain the same. Seek to take the initiative from your opponent. Deny your opponent the knowledge of your intentions. Force your opponent to react to your moves, and thereby control the tempo and future moves. And that gentlemen is what makes the game an art, that hones the mind to understand the subtle inclinations of strategy.

    Sometime in my travels, I will make the effort to be a spectator in your exercises of the art. And perhaps, there might be an empty chair, and a full board, to set my hand and mind to work.

    Sincerest Regards.

  10. Chris H. says:

    Okay, it has been almost 3 years since most of these comments have been posted and I have a few comments of my own regarding Michael Farren’s comments.

    On Sept 1st, 2009, Team Rybka, (aka Michael Farren), says, and I quote…

    “In the game 13 years ago michael was toying with martin and had 12 forced wins !
    Here you will see the game as it happens, annotated. It will be curious to see each side annotate this game. 1000 vs 2400 rated ”

    Are you seriously suggesting that a self proclaimed 2400 player, (note: Michael has never played in a tournament nor has he ever held any official rating by any chess organization), could only manage a K+p ending against a 1000 rated player? Are you high? Toying??? That was just a horribly played game by both sides, nothing more.

    On Sept 2, 2009, Farren makes the following comment…

    “Think of the competetive advantage in correspondance chess being able to do 12 (twelve) piece endings ! The “FREEZER” program uses all tablebases on your hard drive to assess the ending and build a custom tablebase. It will display all legal moves or select moves you program into the search pattern, and do a summary ! It displays all available moves you allowed it to search, as a simple draw or “convert to win” in “X” amount of moves. You can speed read the list and see which ones are wins.”

    Michael, that’s called CHEATING in any form of chess, including correspondence. This comment only displays your lack of integrity and chess skill/ability.

    Michael Farren goes on to say, and again I quote from his above comments…

    “I am training to do the world open just so people can shut up about it, along with us open and chicago open. There is my “proving ground”. I will be able to debut with a FIDE rating ! ”

    When I read that I immeditely went to the USCF web site to look up the “REAL” rating of Michael Farren and found this instead…

    Member Search List:
    Enter a USCF Member ID or a Member Name (Last Name, First Name).
    You can also use partial names and * as a wildcard (such as *smith).
    You can also enter a list of USCF IDs separated by space or a comma.

    Sorry – No matches were found for FARREN, MICHAEL

    But don’t take my word for it, here’s the USCF website…


    Click on PLAYER/RATING LOOKUP and type in Farren, Michael and see what you get. Again Michael makes ridiculous and outlandish claims but makes no effort to support those claims or even attempt to follow through with his claims.

    In the 18 years I have known Michael Farren he has never followed through with any of his grandiose claims. Farren is a patzer (look it up) and nothing more. A mere “wannabe” who thinks he “alreadyis”. He has contributed NOTHING positive to chess and even to this day continues to harass those who simply want to play the royal game and enjoy it’s unending treasure chest of lifelong enjoyment.

    Michael Farren is an unstable individual who lives in a fantasy world. The day I see him play an actual USCF rated tournament is the day I’ll apologize for my statements. But until then, like his fantasies of becoming a chess master, it just ain’t gonna happen.

    Mike, if you ever played in a real tournament and exceeded 1600 Iwould be shocked. Don’t tell me about your book collections or how great your software is or how good a player you think you are, just…as we say in Missouri… SHOW ME!

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