Springfield Non-USCF July K-12 Tournament

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  1. Team Rybka says:

    I should hope anyone who chose the admin. path, would have the organizational abilities to administer functionality. Who won? Joplin players should be listed, win or lose.
    I hope some people don’t choose to run tournaments just to avoid rating increases, or to mask a lack of chess skill.
    If it were not posted, anyone could claim a win. Perhaps showing the world where they stand will motivate them to train and study! Slackers always make excuses. It allows them to brag about their “LOW” ratings, instead of getting off their lazy butt and doing what it takes to improve. The world will never know the truth about joplin chess until I post it on a new site and with videos you people don’t control.
    It is not fair to let them claim status not earned. I hope you people reading this will find out the truth soon. They don’t play for fun, or they would not care for ratings; and would feature “unrated” tournaments more. We have a spy at PC Chess who will be featured in an upcoming video that nobody here can take down. It will answer many questions.

  2. Martin Stahl says:

    If you keep posting comments that are derogatory to other players then I will remove them. You are skating very close to that line right now.

    As I have mentioned in the past, I can’t speak for everyone, but many players do play mostly for fun. Ratings are a method to gauge relative strengths between you and your opponent. Yeah, it is great to have a high rating but that isn’t the most important thing. Unrated tournaments would be fun and strangely enough, anyone can run one. I haven’t seen the PC Chess club running any either, or any tournaments for that matter.

    So we come to the PC Chess Club. Why don’t you host an unrated tournament? It wouldn’t be that hard and you might even entice a number of local players to come and compete. Should be fun. I’m sorry that you are a spy in your own club, that is a really strange deal. I know you can’t be talking about me, since I’m not a spy … my whole interest in going to your club is to try and study, even if the way I study doesn’t meet your standards. As there is no one else that comes to your club that pretty much sums it up. Either you are the spy or you really think I am. If I find that you claim me as a spy and post a video with that claim you will have a very lonely time at your club entertaining yourself since I will no longer attend.

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