Joplin Chess Club Spring Open

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  1. Team Rybka says:

    When will crosstables be posted with results? Some tournaments also list eco for what was played. It gives people an idea of what joplin area chess plays. It also only takes a few moments effort on a computer database. You could set joplin chess apart by doing it. It would tell people eco, round, color, moves per game, results. Any good director can do this with software for tournaments, some of which is free! Perhaps it might also get interest for game comments. An idea often used is to post results and use chess programs to comment or annotate winners games. You see it in chess life. It beats a boring report that only says result of 1st,2nd,3rd,etc; with classes listed. It may be why chess life draws readers. It has potential to give “local chess celebrity” status. I can see it draw far more youth also! It would allow others a preview of area styles. Perhaps in future “reports”, you might list endgames and/or middlegames also. As stated before databases often collate or sort it for you. There is a huge potential here.

  2. Martin Stahl says:

    I haven’t had a chance to create a post at this point but the results are available on the USCF website.

    At this point we aren’t requiring copies of score sheets to be turned in and we don’t track that. I have asked those that are interested if they would be willing to post their games, either annotated or not.

    Note, I edited your comment, removing a majority of it that didn’t deal directly with the Spring Open. If you feel I removed too much e-mail me to discuss.

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