Correspondence Chess

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  1. Martin Stahl says:

    I’m doing some correspondence games on with the username Martin_Stahl if anyone would like to play on there. At least until I get some time to get the software working here.

    Though, it looks like that site might be a very good option instead of the package I was looking at. I guess I’ll make that decision at some later time though. I got the link off the MCA website. So, if you are interested that is one place you can play me.

  2. Martin Stahl says:

    Signed up for a few weeks back and am playing over there some too if anyone else is a member over there and would like to play. Not playing quite as much there at this point but may increase the # of games over time.

    Anyway, same name there as on QueenAlice so look me up and challenge me if you like.

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