PC Chess Club in Joplin

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  1. Team Rybka says:

    see youtube.com/joplinchessclub for videos, tutorials,etc. PC chess specializes in blitz and blindfold chess. Weekly tournaments offer area players rating increases. Games are sent to USCF ratings.G/30, G/60, G/90 tournaments with 3-9 round multi-day available. A typical run is 1-2 games each week for 4 weeks then winner announced, unless tie breaks continue. Several clubs nation wide use this as a way to increase slow ratings vs blitz,rapid,quick rating. other clubs can see the benefit considering it cost 25 cent per game to get each game rated. Local,low cost,effective rating increase method for 25 cents per game. Consider 5 rounds with 10 players= 1.25 x 5 rounds= 6.25 to get uscf rated. It is why PC chess host weekly tournaments on several days and nights,not just thursday. Thursday is mostly for instructional, sign ups, and order of business; along with try outs. Consider that one club offers a live chess master for Q/A, while the other offers a leadership training agenda by someone pursuing a CEO/MBA path. One offers opinions with experience, and the other offers state of the art software usage. Each has different goals. One is about fun, the other is GM training and mostly for those with confidence and discipline to work/study alone. One will amass smiles, the other national tournaments. One has more word of mouth promotion, the other podcast,videos, and print ads in newspapers and chess life. One does more small group study, the other more web based to reach a broad audience. One offers high end web design,audio and mix cd editing, professional high end video editing to promote you or your club with dvd or online with myspace and youtube. One is for fun and local contest, the other is for training and prep to go out and start/build more club locations. Thus I say to one and all,each will have different quotas to meet. One merely has to make you happy, the other must develop your talent enough to win national level contests, and to keep increasing. Good luck to all clubs. Some will let “walk ons” join, other clubs require “try outs” to represent the team which are more about prestige,skill,and preperation. Only one club in the area does extensive and comprehensive rating/skills testing or assessments, as they are the only ones who spent several thousand dollars for testing equipment. Other clubs are welcome to come for eval/testing. Perhaps you will notice each may or may not offer formal lecture notes, semester classes, and formal blindfold training. Does your club offer blindfold simuls? We give each props for the achievements. Not all will offer the same things or train at the same level. One is about meeting more in person and play. The other is about trying to best your old records and working with a PC to do a lot of database work and using the PC to do analysis of games. One uses chess life, the other new in chess yearbooks and informants and chessbase magazine. One has drills at your own pace, the other cuts you from the team if you flunk out the semester or fail to keep up, as they require 100 drills per day in the beginning done on the PC taking 10 min total. Later on, team try outs require quite a bit more. It is like saying one club plays basketball at the park, and the other is like try outs for NBA first round draft picks; 2 very different goals/directions/levels. You may enjoy joining the clubs who play for fun, as fun is what you will get. One does more talk and fun, the other more work and training camp atmosphere where you will hear rocky music. One plays more classical music , the other new age, hip hop, rap,pop, top 40,some country,heavy metal,rock,etc. depending on activity. One watches others at the club, the other youtube and music videos.One plays more Game in 10 min, the other more bullet aka”Gone in 60 sec.” aka Game in 1 min. for drills of tactics along with tons of G/5 game in 5 min blitz as tou can play best 2 of 3 in 30 min. One plays PC only if you want to,the other plays several PC every day thus never intimidated to face stronger players or affected by losses.

  2. Martin Stahl says:

    Well, I attempted to attend tonight. Got there around 6:15 and stayed until 7:45 with no one else in sight the whole time (chess-wise). I did get a chance to play with some software I have but no club tonight apparently.

    Maybe it will pick up in the future.

  3. Martin Stahl says:

    Just wanted put up a quick update on this club. I have been going most weeks, after my last comment, and Michael has been there, even if the times have been later than normal. So it looks like the club should be running.

    My intention is to be there most weeks to at least do some self-study, even if no one else show up or it people show up later than usual. If you want to do some study then come on by.

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