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Monthly Archive: November 2008


Engame Study November 26th, 2008

This was a position reached while playing a casual game on a Nintendo DS, Chess Master The Art of Learning. I ended up winning the position, as white, but I know I didn’t do...


Endgame Studies

I’m going to post some endgames that I come across that I think look like they would be good endgame studies. Generally speaking these studies will come from games that I have played or...


Carthage Chess Open Update

Yesterday the Joplin Chess Club hosted the Carthage Chess Open. Turnout was less than expected, at 14 participants, but that didn’t diminish the fun. Most of the players were from the Sunday and Tuesday...


PC Chess Club in Joplin

There is another chess club starting up in town, not affiliated with the Joplin Chess Club USCF affiliate. From what I understand it is also going to be another USCF affiliate for the Joplin...


What Books Would You Suggest?

I have been getting some chess books off and on over the past few months and thought I would ask a question about what books you think are the best books for an amateur...