Joplin Chess Club

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  1. Martin Stahl says:

    Not sure if anyone will read the comments here but I thought I would post my plans at this point. Due to work and school (for my son) I am planning on shifting most of my attendance time to the Sunday afternoon time. I will try to attend some Tuesdays, such as tomorrow night but most of the time I won’t be there.

  2. Team Rybka says:

    Updates about attendance, as you can drive by and see nobody there on tuesdays. People will tell others they see nobody at tuesday hardees, then what? Will anyone update the page?

  3. Martin Stahl says:

    Once there are official changes made I will update the information about the club. With everything that is going on there will likely be some updates to this.

    That said, Tuesday turnout is either low or non-existent at this point. Many of the players are now playing on the Sunday time and location.

    Also, this article is not the place to post diatribes about the state of chess in the area. It is about the Joplin Chess Club. I have edited the above comment to reflect that. Team Rybka, if you want to post information about the PC Chess Club it should be in the article about it and if you would like me to post a more in depth article about what you offer, that doesn’t repeat what is already posted then I can do that (though there may be editorial changes that will be approved by you first). I have saved off the part of your comment I edited in case you would like to recover it.

    Thank you for your input.

  4. Dan Milam says:

    Joplin paper says meetings are on Thursday nites. Your website Sunday afternoons. Can you clarify as to when you meet and where?

  5. Martin Stahl says:

    The information in the paper, on the Calendar there, isn’t for the Joplin Chess Club. That is another guy that does some chess stuff (you can search on PC Chess Club to find out more).

    We meet most Sundays, from 2 until 5 at Hardee’s on W 7th. Some people might stay later, depending on the day and interest. Also, if there is a local weekend tourney, then there might not be anyone there but most of the time someone is.

    There is also a study night on Thursdays at the Hardee’s on Main St from 7 pm to around 10 pm. Right now, turnout is just me and it is pretty unstructured, though you are welcome to come to that. I usually don’t play on those nights, but will sometimes play a game or two if there is interest.

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